White HTC Touch Diamond appears just in time for Christmas, unless you actually want to buy-it

If there was ever any doubt that a White HTC Touch Diamond was in the works, let said doubt be cast away. Sometime earlier this morning, snowflakes began falling across HTCs front page (kind of like a 1996 Geocities website, except classy. They should add a guestbook for us to sign.), underneath the headline Wishing you a more connected holiday season.

Sitting at the very core of this display was the White HTC Touch Diamond. While that puts it in stone as being legit, it doesnt offer any solid insight as to when its going to be available in the US. In fact, seeing as the HTC Touch HD is up there too (and were certainly not getting that), it doesnt necessarily mean the US will be getting it at all. First reports said October, which has come and gone. Keep your eyes peeled.